Thursday, March 7, 2013

Time to paint

 A few of my art friends and  I are taking the Strathmore Mixed Media Workshop.    I've signed up before but never followed up.   I think my friends did the same.  But this time it was so inspiring, with the artist showing such freedom of motion that we wanted to try out some of his ideas.    So, here is my first one.    He started out with water soluble crayone loose sketch.  Then some water to activate the colors, and then some paints.    All done standing at the easel (table top in my case) and trying to remain loose.     Finally going in with some detail, just enough to define some parts of the image.     this is  nowhere as loose as his was, and I only used guache instead of acrylics, so it is not as wonderfully bright and colorful as the cow he painted.   I thought for fun I'd paint subjects that I have not painted before.    Who knows what might happen?   If I want to work outside my comfort zone, then I'll just go for it.

Then I tried a second one.  A lion.    Yes, it is.    I know it looks a lot like my little lulu's face, but that's just the way it is.    I might finish it later.   Or not.


  1. Hi Janene,
    So sorry I have been absent from your blog but I have been really busy! But I do return....LOL
    Love your journal pages and the New paintings you are doing. That is a Huge chicken! LOL
    So happy you are having fun.
    I just uploaded some tags and two Zentangled Paper Dolls to my blog . Please visit so you can see them and please leave a comment.
    I have missed you!

  2. I love your rooster. That's a class I'd like to take when I have time. You are the third person to mention loosening up in two days. I see a message init for me!