Friday, May 31, 2013

More Journal pages

These pages were  done by stamping multiple images from 2 cube style stamps, the kind that has a related image on each side directly on the journal page.  Diluted liquid acrylics were then washed over the areas around the images and circles were added of the same paint.

This spread was done by first cutting the stencils and keeping the masks.  They were placed directly on the blank pages.  Lumiere paints and Golden's titan buff acrylic were blended for the random background.  The circular stencil is one of those old photo disks that used to come with certain photo packages.  I just popped out the negatives.  The xxx at top right is crayon.  Sometimes when you need a little color added, it is so simple to use our plain old school crayons.   They are so often overlooked with all the fancy products that are available, but I hope you continue to use them too.    When's the last time you colored something with crayons?   Hmmm.....

The first step here was to sketch the outline of the face on a piece of paper, and cutting it out. .   I used the cutout as a mask, held it down on the paper and sprayed watercolors and inks on the background, then blended them together by rubbing with a paper towel.  Lately I have been wearing latex gloves for a lot of my projects as it protects the hands and nails from the products that stain my hands and ruin my nails.  The man in the cage is a rubber stamp of the cage stamped over a portrait on a book page.     Other collage elements were added, then the face was colored in with aquasticks and blended with my fingers through a latex glove.    Then the cage was outlined with the aquasticks also and rubbed in to blend.    The collage scraps were left overs which had been sprayed with the inks and paints.   

This page faces the previous one.   I had made a rough outline sketch of a face with white crayon and then sprayed the background with the watercolors and inks and blended with a paper towel.   Well the white was not successful, so I decided to put a face here with other products.  It's kind of ugly, but I like it anyway. Aquarelle sticks were used for the color, with a few touches of black sharpie pen.    To get the silhouette of the man at the bottom, I put down a mask cut for  a previous project down and outlined him with aquarelle stick.    Then the collage elements were added.  

As you can see, there is no real theme here.   These are just pages done at random to exercise skills and to use the various materials on hand.   And to use up some of the collage elements that surround me.   I'll  post more later.   

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