Friday, November 1, 2013

art journal - practice, practice, practice

I've been working on more of the faces found in the self portrait book mentioned previously.        I'm afraid you would not really recognize the faces I've drawn.      But, it is practice.       Here are a few new ones.

The first one is a really aged artists.    I was concentrating so hard on each ear and the wrinkles, nostrils and eyelids, that I didn't realize the ears are two different sizes.    I'm not going to erase one and even them up.  I'm leaving it alone.    It is a learning experience.      A reminder to myself to stand back and look at the overall image before making this mistake again.     That's the plan.     Hans Baldung, 1516

This second one is a young fellow.     Two different size eyes.    Oops did it again!     I love  his nose.     Filippino Lippa, 1487
 Another good nose to practice on.   I seem to like crooked noses best. They are certainly a challenge.     Another eye that's larger on the left than the right.    And lower.     Hmmmm.... gotta work on that.   

This is the one I did last night, listening to the trick or treaters screaming in fright at the sight of my grandkids and their friends.   I stayed out of it this year and just relaxed with my drawing.  They had it under control without me.      I chose this man to do because I was intrigued with the squareness of his bearded jawline.  And the slight crook to his nose.   Hans Holbein the Younger, 1540.

This portrait was a sculpture, but I thought I could try to capture it in a drawing.       I could not resist because of his nose.    And I seldom do side views.      Perfect opportunity to draw something that I did not have to match the size of the eyes or ears.     Nothing had to line up.

Leon Battiste Alberti 1436

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