Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A face that I've been saving

During Project Runway Season 2, I was fascinated by three faces.      The most expressive face was that of Santino Rice.   I wanted to draw him for a long time and finally today I decided to give it a try.   Santino was not my favorite designer that season, but I loved when he emoted on camera, because his facial structure fascinated me.      It's like from another era.    He was the bad boy that season and he was brilliant at it.     I kept rooting for him so he would be there to the end, and fortunatley he was.     He presented a beautiful show at fashion week, although as Heidi pointed out, the clothes looked like he had not tried them on models.  They had been constructed on a dress form, so the fit was not perfect.   But, he had ideas and really delivered despite that.        Here is his face.  These are quick studies I did today.  

Now if I want to see him on TV, I have to watch RuPaul's drag race.  Santino is one of the favorite judges.     

One of these days I'm going to try harder and maybe even paint him.

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