Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas is over, back to the drawing board

It was lovely, but I'm glad it's over so I can start to look forward to other things, like art and gardening, and some little trips.       For now, it's drawing.       I was checking back thru my database of collected images from all kinds of sources, from books, films, online, family photos, etc.      The first one is a Parisian.     He's long been a favorite of mine.  I cut him out of a book and have used his silhouette in collages and paintings, but most of the time he stands in a little birdhouse on my desk.       Now, I tried to capture his scowl in my drawing journal.       These are all done with #2.5 pencil and a smudge stick.   Plus an eraser.   Thank goodness for erasers.  

Next is a photo I saw for sale on ebay some years ago.       I liked his open expression and who can resist a cowboy with blue eyes?  

 Next are two drawings I did before Christmas.     First is Picasso from a self portrait he did.   

And last, is the 2nd drawing I've done of Gianlorenzo Bernini from his self portrait done in 1635.
I'll soon be getting out the paints again with the next 30day challenge starting next week.    See you then. 

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