Thursday, December 12, 2013

Winter's Child

Here is a quick sketch I did this morning - where the weather today at 11 a.m. is up to a grand 42 degrees.      Lately it's been in low to mid 20s at night and daytimes may reach as high as mid 50s.      California Central Valley is not used to this cold.    Icy railings and steps outside.     Birdbath frozen solid.     Many succulents have taken the cold bite and are drooping and turning to mush.     Geraniums!   Poor things.    I'm glad I have some inside for new starters in the spring.       Even some in my solarium, next to the walls, got frostbitten.      Anyhow, here is the sketch.
No fancy tools for quick sketches.   A number 2 pencil and my sketchbook, followed with colored pencil accents.    

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