Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Art Journals

Here are some of the new pages I finished in one of the art journals in the last few days. .  

The hen face is a rubber stamp I carved yesterday at the senior center while chatting with friends.   It helps to carve there because it forces me to look up from such close up work, and it gives my eyes a little break.
 This is a quickie portrait based on a face I traced from a Rennaisance
 Another self portrait done in pencil and then cut into rubber stamp.  
Wouldn't I love it if this was a self portrait?   LOL   Nope, it's just a drawing in colored pencil of a  generic face. I was more interested in layering the colors in background, than the face itself.   

 This is the new Mixed Media group journal.   In it, I'm recording who attends each meeting and what the project is.    Also, I'm acturally doing the projects in the journal itself, or attaching it later.    So far, everything is in there, including the directions for each project.

I used one of my hand cut stencils for the face, over a beautiful cotton batik fabric.
 This is yet another journal, one I started this week, to try out new things and to record the directions, since I have such a hard time trying to remember how the heck I did something later on when I want to do it again.

This page was done witha paint soaked string flopped down and pressed with opposite page when journal closed.      Then the string was removed to reveal an abstract line in which to doodle.     Kind of a fun little technique.     You can see the darker pink/fuschia string lines which is the paint.   
This page was done by layering acrylic paints dragged over a collaged background - with a credit card.     I do this a lot, it's my favorite way to spread paint.       Then I used an advertisement cut out ofa man, three times, with one overlapping.     The red scribbles are just for fun.

I have not covered this one yet.      The top one has a cover I took from wall of studio.  I had painted a face on a piece of tapestry fabric found at a thift store while on an outing with art pals.     She is actually a 3/4 figure, so the bottom part is folded back under and glued at outer edges to create a nice pocket for my drawing pencils and smudger.  Also a stray post card or two seem to find their way into this pocket.   LOL

 This page was painted as I watched a video on flower painting in acrylics.     Colors a bit out of my comfort zone.    Fun exercise.
This is a drawing of a self portrait by Theophilus Brown.     He did quite a few self portraits and I'll probably draw more of them for practice.   I love this one best so it was my first choice.  

 There is no end to what can be done on a journal page.    This little sketch of people waiting at Kaiser was done early on in this journal, but I jsut decided to doodle a border.    Going back to do little changes happens all the time, expecially if I have a new pen, or technique to add.    
Here is more doodling on an earlier page.     It is so much more lively now. l  Someday it may have a face.  LOL  

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  1. I wouldn't want to take an egg from the hen... she does have a bit of a stern expression!!! Love the Magazine man page!!! and the string one too. I don't often revisit... my anythings, except maybe fiber UFO's and that is only because I want to finish (or steal a part from one)!!!