Thursday, May 8, 2014

Let's poke around in my little artsy garden

It's kind of grey and muggy today.     But, I thought I'd  see what's blooming.   

 One of my artsy friends gave me an iris last year which I planted in a planter by the back fence.     Here it is blooming for the first time.  I'm sure each year it will get better and better.    

This is a red amaryllis that's about done blooming. 

This little iris is one that blooms all summer.   I started a whole bunch of these from seeds so we have them in the front yard, in a pot, and wherever there's room for another , I just dig up a seedling and move it in.      I love these as they are so cheery and remind me of the one we had alongside our house when I grew up.  This is what I would take to the teachers in the morning.  

There is something so special about purple leaves mixed in with the other garden greenery, and the while blooms are delicate and sweet.    Some form of oxallis.

 Nasturtiums volunteered again this year mixixng it up with the Mexican sage.  
 Here is more of the Mexican sage with the pink oxallis.
 Honestly, there is a meter here.    They read things electronically now so no one had to paw through the foliage.
 This little sweet corner is waiting for warmer days to add the water to the bowl.    
 These glorious red geraniums are from cuttings taken last year from a sicko plant.  These offsprings are off to a good start.    
 The top of an old bookcase holds some of my outdoor treasures.    
and of course, who else is in the garden?     Girls are heading back upstairs for a treat.      

Thanks for stopping by.    


  1. Well, that was a treat for me! Love those girls - what a pair. LOL

  2. the yard/garden is one of the things I miss most about a house!!! and flowers and greens, and birds (although I have a dove and a sparrow nesting on the deck supports).

  3. Hello to you and to the two little ragamuffins! Have a lovely day! The flowers are wonderful!