Friday, May 23, 2014

Post cards k- incoming

My mail box has been delightful lately with post cards from art friends.      Here are some of my favorites.

This first artsy one is from Beth, made on the back of a vintage Bingo card. Beth is one of the CA ARTGIRLS.
This one is from Jennie Hinchcliff.     I'ts always a delight to see what she sends.
 This stylish spring card is from CA ARTGIRL Margaret.
 This cutie came from my friend Norma in Florida.
 This came from CAARTGIRL Peggy.   Remember these sweet little girls?
 This collaged card came from Punwit in New Hampshire, using a recycled box for base..
 This one came back to me with changes from Susanne in Sacrament.    The bird was not there when I sent it to her earlier.    
This card is from CA ARTGIRL Terrie.  On the back is a  photo of her beautiful, loving dog Jack who just passed away.      I'm so sorry to hear that because he was just a gentle soul and a fine animal friend.

This is another Spring card from Beth. She is the one who kickstarts our post card swaps in the CA ARTGIRL group.      
This last one is from Roberta.     She has been painting in styles of different artists so it's fun to see how she adapts some of their styles into her own.  Visit her blog by clicking on her name, and even pop over to her Etsy shop to see more of her work.  

You can see why I look forward to mail time here.   It's not all bills and political things, or requests for donations.   LOL    Sometimes it's ART.

Thanks for the mail art, my friends.

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