Saturday, May 3, 2014

Recent work

Here are some recent pieces in my art journal.   

This is another cowboy from an internet photo.  I thought the angle would be interesting to draw.  I'v had the photo for years, and finally got around to sketching him.    I did this one at the senior center art group last week.
 This is supposed to be Lady Edith from Downton Abbey.   Well, all I can say is it looks better in the journal.   Now that I see it onscreen I can see where I went wrong.    Guess I should get out my smooth white eraser that works so well on errors in the journal.    Hmmm...
 This sweet young woman was done using gesso, black paint, and Portfolio Oil Pastels.      They blend well with the gesso.    I was trying for a very simple look, with  few details.    
This was done on the opposite page.  I worked on them at the same time with the same materials.     This was a fun exercise.

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