Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Gelli play

Did I post a pic of my cleaned off table, ready to start my gelli plate printing project?
 That is a brand new pristine gelli plate, just waiting to be used.   My old smaller one is on the left, somewhat discolored, but perfectly useful.    

  Lest you think my whole work space looks so good, here is what the shelves behind me look like. LOL  Pretty awful huh?    I can find everything though and it's close at hand.   

Now that you've seen the messiness, I'll show you what I've been up to.

Here is Frances painting at the Senior Center on Monday.
 Tuesday, encaustic demo by Linda Nunes.    She has a video on You Tube and does workshops.    it was great.    Learned lots of  new things and shared a story with her that made her laugh.    I just related that when my art pals and I did beeswax on bottles, the hot wax attracted bees to the window near the wax pots.    That was in Modesto, and the same thing happened in Brentwood the next time we tried it.  That's when I gave all my wax stuff away.     Not because of the bees, but because I had tired of what I could do with it, and didn't have space to store things I don't use often.     But, Linda has me inspired to take a workshop and learn to use the mix of beeswax and resin.  the resulting finish is awesome.
 Here's part of the group at the demo last night.  Only one man there.    
These are some of the prints I pulled this morning from the gelli plate.    what I'm trying to do is paint directly on the gelli plate and pulling one or two prints.     With the acrylics I have to work really fast.     but, I'm getting better with it than a couple days back. 
This is one I did a couple days ago.    the face is on the back of the deli wrap, I am holding it up to the light so she shows through. I could just as well printed her on top of the background, but I did her first and later played with backgrounds.      

Here's a tip for the gelli plate users.   Don't pull a print onto newspaper or book pages.  I did that to supposedly clean off the paints from the last print.    the text on the page may transfer to the gelli plate itself.   Not that it ruins it, it just doesn't go away.    It does not print onto other prints.   


  1. So happy you are having fun with your Gelli plate. I just got one and can't wait to use it. Love the rooster prints. and the lady. :)

  2. Thank you for showing me the "messy side" of your art space, Janene! I feel better :-) Art studios are not supposed to be pristine, are they??? With the amount of art you create, I can see it serves you well :-)