Thursday, September 25, 2014

Gelli printing with Carolyn Dube's One Pull Workshop

This is my big treat this month.     I've been pulling prints left and right.   Literally.       Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday she sends out the invitation to join her by watching the next video she posted.  And I go straight to it and enjoy the experience.      My results are not always good, but I'm having fun and learning something new every time.     Learning some not to do things also.   LOL   

 The first two were done with one of my favorite stencils.    These are photos, not scans so you probably can't see the color shifts as well as I'd like.
 These are a batch of stitched enveloves using the bright colored experiments with stencils.
 The next two were done with a floral stencil.    Oddly, the top one looks kind of like an owl peering out.    Must be the way I cropped it.

This last one was done with the sencil when the paint on it had built up but was just wet enough to move the layers of paints onto the page by pressing really hard with the brayer.   I was so delighted to see the colors come through.  This is one of the  things I learned from Carolyn's class.

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