Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Autumn post card swap

It's that time, when the CA Art Girls swap post cards.   Seasonal.   Fall.     Which  this year sped into winter in a blink.    We didn't have nearly enough time to enjoy the beautiful leaves and the light coming in at such a beautiful angle making long shadows on the streets.        Here are a couple of the lovely post cards I received.

 The frist one is from Margaret who used the image of the fall leaves as inspiration.

 This was done by Terri with alcohol inks over an image she printed on a metallic paper.   

This is a Thanksgiving card from Phyllis, who cut out
leaf shapes from some painting experiments.  


 This one with dried leaves from a Japanese Maple is from Beth.    
 I should have posted this last month, it is a Halloween card from Nancy.
It's never too late to show a guy in a chicken costume.  

Here are two I scanned together.   The upper one is a painting of leaves by Roberta with alight metallic glazed over them.

Paris in the Fall is from Debbie.    

Thanks gals, I love each card, and they way you all interpreted the season differently in your art.

This last picture is the ones I made to send out.  I used a
beautiful fabric that had gold artichokes and writing on it.  

First thing I did was to free style stitched leaves on each one then went back and painted the leaves with metallic paints.  Finally, I handstitched to the cards.   I had the fabric for several years and never found the right place to use it.     This seemed like a good time.

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