Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Can Spring be far ahead?

Temperatures in high 60s today with sunshine.   Perfect for grooming the dogs and working in garden.  But first - I had to take apart the small fountain on my deck which had stopped working at the end of last season.     I emptied it, brought it in for a scrub - it fits in the sink - and ran clean water through the hoses.   This part works, now for the pump.    I poured water through it and it was not blocked, the solar panel worked when I put the pump in a bucket of water, so it had to be the connecting link between it and the fountain tubing/hose.    It managed to seat properly and alll is good.    I love the sound of the water on the deck and since it is solar powered it needs no electricity and can be left on all the time.   Of course it only pumps when there is direct sunlight on the little panel - but it sits where it gets sun most of the day - and with only a little turn now and then we can capture all the daylight.   

I felt so good about that one, I went down and cleaned out the bigger fountain, a few leaves were in it and some water and bleach.     It's all fresh and clean now, and the little glass floats are once again bobbing about on clean water.     

I planned to plant the strawberries today, but during the afternoon two of them picked up a lot of color, so I figure another sunny day tomorrow and they'll be ready to pick.   Then I'll plant them for the next ones to ripen in their own strawberry pot.       It's really odd I have had this strawberry pot for over a decade, maybe two - and I have never  planted strawberries in it.    I've had succulents in it the last few years.        But, I'm going to give it a chance and am excited to get it done soon.      I used to grow my strawberries in an old wine barrel - but two seasons ago, they got really covered in aphids and mold.   So, I never replanted them there, but succulents grow well there and a citronella geranium.    

 Speaking of geraniums, they are blooming.  Every day there is a new cluster.   Salmon colors, red ones, pink ones - just beautiful.      I will take the camera out tomorrow and take some pics.  The borage is blooming like crazy too.   I pulled out most of the seedlings, but the big one next to the path is just lovely.      I also potted more succulents for the plant stand that holds half a dozen or more pots.     That way I don't need to water it as much as the geraniums were there last summer.      

I want to keep the geraniums closer at hand to control the caterpillars that eat all the blossoms after the first flush of blooms every year.      Hopefully I can keep on top of the because they certainly don't require much other care, and it's the least i can do when I enjoy them so much.      They sat outside all winter on the sunny side of the house - no problem.    I don't think we really had more than a couple days of frosty weather all winter. 

Farter afield, the vineyards have a yellow carpet of mustard right now.   Trees are starting to bloom.  First the white flowering pears in the parking lots, and now the pink  blossoms on ornamental trees.    Soon the orchards will be blooming and the spring breezes will be blowing.       I love this season.      Despite a cold that is hanging on - or may it's allergies now - I can hardly keep myself inside.     LOL   

Those pink oxalys line the pathways with their lovely pink flowers.  Also the more aggressive but shorter lived yellow oxalys is blooming away.    Pics tomorrow, I promise.         

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