Sunday, March 15, 2015

Mid March

The other day I heard one of my good friends fell and broke her arm.     I asked the mixed media group to help  make a string of pennants/prayer flags for her to cheer her up, as this will be very hard on her.      Here is the one I made - she loves all things cowgirl, and bling.    

 The sun was so hot yesterday that my poor deck plants suffered, so I moved them around - putting the geraniums where they can get a little reprieve from the sun.     Here they get sun most of the day, but are not backed up against the house where the heat is reflected.   A lot of the little spring things suffered as well, so I cut them back.    I'm getting one or two strawberries every day and  love having them close at hand.    Temperature hit 80 degrees yesterday - in mid March this is very strange.  It will shorten up our Spring season.  It will me in the mid 70s all next week according to the latest news.  And no rain forecast. The drought is going to be serious business this year.       I'm glad I have the succulents, as we will have to watch our watering carefully.

The white lilacs are all in bloom again.   I've been waiting and watching.      I had to water behind the studio last evening as it gets little attention there.  I did not notice the french lilac blooming over my head, but this morning when I was surveying the landscape, I noticed the lilac behind the studio is blooming away.    I'm glad I didn't miss it.    I usually cut some for my DIL.     

I worked out in the studio for a few hours yesterday, mostly putting things away and looking for a mixed media project for the group on Thursday.   I had a couple ideas, but not settled on one yet.     

Now, to get outside for some gardening.      Art will have to wait.

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