Friday, March 6, 2015

What's happening in Lodi? Group show and Country Living.

The opening reception for the Mixed Media Group Show and Frances Scott's show are tonite.     I'll be wearing jeans and a cowgirl hat, and toting along western music, as well as 6 bottles of drinkables.      I ddn't volunteer to bring food.     My granddaugher is going to drive as none of  those going in my car are night drivers.     Candis is excited about the reception, she helped there the other day when we were logging in the artwork - and she met the gals, then we went to pizza with them and she got to know them a bit better.      She just started a new job, but has today off, so it works perfectly.  Also, being grandma's girl - she still loves to dress up too.      I'm sure she'll be a beautiful cowgirl!     Frances is excited about the evening and can hardly wait.     It's going to be a long day waiting for time to pass.  I've alreay had the car washed and done other errands.  It's not even noon yet.    

The pictures here are of my friend Sandy's new shop in Lodi.  Country Living has moved down to the Valley from Amador City in the foothills.      They are only a block away from the gallery, so I can sneak over and say hello whenever I want - instead of driving for an  hour.       It's fun to have her here, but Amador City will never be the same.    She's had her shop there for close to 40 years.       My little shop was right down the street from hers many decades ago, and that's how we got acquainted.   I wish her all the good luck in her new location.    

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