Friday, March 6, 2015

Is it art, or is it a garden?

Why not both?      You decide.    

 My spring garden is full of glorious volunteers.  I let them have their way - it's like a wonderful gift.     these are the yellow oxalys and the cobalt blue borage.   
 Here and there are some of the geraniums just starting to bloom.
 This is the little fountain that I repaired the other day.   It's burbling away right now.    
 A pink geranium right outside my door.   Next photo is johnny jumps ups ready to plant.
 One of my favorite geraiums.  Always a bright spot of color.
 A little bulb was accidentally planted in this little miniature garden.   It towers over everything. 
 Here's my dessert for tonite.      Yum.     
 Here is a mother plant for succulents.     She really put out little ones this winter.     I've already moved a lot of them to other pots. 
 I had this plant stand planted with geraniums and herbs last fall, but with another dry year and water restrictions, I planted succulents there now.    They don't look very French - but they'll live.
 Here is a quirky, funky little miniature garden.    A fly, a toad, a grandmother, a shark - are all living peacefully there.
 Nearby a little yellow bird watches.
 A corner in pathway overrun with yellow oxalys.    

I promised some pics.  Here they are.  I hope you like visiting my artsy garden.

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