Saturday, July 25, 2009

Exhibit - Altered Book - Picasso

From nothing to something. What do you do with the scraps and bits and bobs of things lying around your work space when you really want a clean table?

This is what I did. This is an odd piece and I approached it with no plan at all. The structure is made of the covers of a book from which the pages were all discarded. The frame on the right side, is a piece of packing styrofoam which was painted with acrylic paints. I liked the texture and the thickness was just about right. The images were in an envelope - one's I had decided not to use in another project.

These are all things that were lying about on my work table and I was about ready to toss them all in the garbage bucket - but I thought, why not challenge myself to either use them or toss them away. Use it or lose it. It is strictly coincindence that they had any relation to each other, enough to make a cohesive piece. Whatever was left over - was thrown away. This took about an hour - given time for drying.


  1. Quite nifty! I have some of these same things laying on my art table. I like the way the packing styrofoam frame looks and you just used acrylics on it ...hhmmm. I am enjoying reading your blog tonight.

  2. I really enjoyed seeing the combination of things you assembled here and how you pulled it all together.

  3. Laura Kay, I suspect your work table looks like mine, when I can find it! LOL Janene