Saturday, July 25, 2009

Touchy Feely books using vintage fabrics and notions.

Do you collect vintage fabrics, or scraps? Do you have buttons that have been passed down from generation to generation of mother to daughter sewing baskets? How about an old quilt so worn out it can't be used?

These are the basics I used to construct this quilted book. It has the smell of old cotton and is very soft to the touch. The little prints were left over scraps from a quilt my sister in law made. On one page there is a picture of my brother and myself as children. The edges are not hemmed or finished. I'm leaving it just like this. I like the unfinishedness of it. A few things were added to give it even more interest for little fingers, like the little bear, the crocheted dress, and the tiny soft doll. In some cases I used transfer methods for the images, and in others, they were printed and just stitched down. I liked the use of beads to form words, and think it adds another element to touch. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Remember, there are no rules. When you go to make a soft book like this, just gather the things you love, things you could not part with but have nothing in particular to do with them. Maybe they can go into a soft book. Something that can be a family treasure to pass along, or a gift for a dear friend.

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  1. I love the soft fabric book. Vintage fabric, lace, buttons, sewing notions and old photographs are my obsession, and I have quite a stash. Hmmm! I'm thinking sister presents!