Sunday, March 27, 2011

Button Necklace

Years ago I bought a necklace made of buttons strung together and finished off with macrame and clasp. I've worn it many times and people always are asking me about it. I loaned it to Bobbi, as she intends to make one of her own. Today I opened the cabinet with my button jars and decided to do one myself. I used small glass beads between the buttons to separate them. I didn't feel like doing macrame, and I wanted it to be as light weight as possible, so just tied it onto a ribbon. Here it is.

This is an old button box I bought at a yard sale for $1 a few years back. Marilyn called after going there and said I might want to check it out. This was the only thing I bought. It came from the home of a hoarder who had passed away leaving a house full of "stuff". Her grown family was trying to get rid of everything! It was kind of weird to be surrounded by so much stuff. Kind of a wake up call - this is before the Hoarder programs came on TV. I knew I'd use a lot of the buttons and thought I'd alter the box some time, but it has a certain old charm so it's safe for the moment.

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