Friday, March 11, 2011

Mondavi Woodbrige Winery Art Show

It's time for the Spring art show at the Woodbrige Mondavi Winery. This is a fun show. Opening night will be a Renaissance theme costume party, with entertainment, food and wine and good company. Bobbi and I volunteered to work on the first day for taking in entries for the show. That was an awesome day. I love to see the artwork arriving and meeting more of the artists. Then on judging day, my grandsons and neighbor went with me to carry the pieces into the judging room, one by one. Bobbi worked that day recording the pieces that recieved 3 and 4 points by judges. I had a stomach ache and came home. I missed the fun. Damn.

I was notified that the 5 pieces I entered were all accepted into the show. None of them received an award. They will be seen by 1200 people who have not seen them before. And that's the real fun in showing art.

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