Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mail call, all's well

Today's mail brought a handful of catalogs. Hiding underneath in the mail box, there was a group of mail art pieces. Whooppeee. Throw the catalogs away and dash upstairs to the sunny deck to read the backs of the cards and admire the artwork on the front. Wonderful pieces. Here are two pieces from Jackie and one from Barbara. Another piece would not scan well from Pam C. in Maine who has been swapping fabric post cards internationally. I'll have to take a photo and post it later. It has dimensional embellishments that screw with my scanner. I"ll post it soon because it is such a nice piece.

I hope you enjoy seeing the works of other artists who are working with mail art, as it shows the range and possibilities for artistic expression.


  1. Hi Janene,

    I didn't know you had a blog but happy that you told me. I love all the great Mail Art that you have posted.

  2. Lucky you! I really want to get going again. Be on the look out!