Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mail Call - incoming

Yesterday was a Monday. Mondays usually bring good mail art. I don't know why, it just happens here. The travel post cards are from friends who are or have just been on great trips. One was on a 40+ day cruise around South America and the Antartic. That's her ship. She had glued on something to alter the card but it fell off along the way. The little card from Ireland is from Roberta, where she and her hubby are celebrating their 25th anniversary. She looks like she's 26. Hmmmm.... Should we call CPS?

The return card from Punwit in New Hampshire came in yesterday. I've been looking forward to seeing what he would do next on the collaboration. A bird/Spring card came from Teri in Oregon. They get all the winter storms before we do. I can tell she's as eager for Spring as I am. Then a big official envelope arrived, carrying a delightful post card from Joanna in Southern California. I'm posting pics of the back and the front of it. And the card too. LOL

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