Sunday, October 2, 2011

A little help from a friend

One of my highschool classmates is working with me on our 55th reunion. He's a whiz with computer and has vast numbers of photos in his files. He's uploaded to our group site the year book, and lots of other pics of the times we were in school. It makes our group site really interesting and it's there for everyone in our class to share. Some of us had lost our yearbooks over the decades, so this was one of the best things that came from making a Yahoo group for sharing. He let it leak out that he restores photos. I saw samples of his work and could not resist sending him my fav self portrait taken facing a dirty mirror. It had so much wrong with it! Spots, scratches, bad lighting, etc. My hair on the right side of pic was all but hidden behind a reflected light. I looked more blonde than silver. But, he said he'd try and this is what he came back with, after we talked about changing backgrounds. I thought I'd prefer the sky to my bathroom wall. I did not ask him to iron out my wrinkles. LOL

This is the same photo I used for my self portrait. Refer back to earlier post.

Here it is, and by the way, his name is Roy Deeds, email (with his permission) is

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