Sunday, October 9, 2011

Time to think Halloween

Life downstairs is taken over with plans for Halloween about this time every year. They go all out. This year the contraption my son Matt is making is an elaborate electric wheel chair with a crib mounted on it. He is making a platform inside where a doll will be. The head of the doll will actually be a live person (Matt) with his head protruding through a baby blanket to look like it's te doll's head. The doll hands and feet will be animated by using dowels which will protrude up from holes in the blanket. Like a puppet. Right now everyone is having fun riding in the wheel chair. It operates with a joy stick, and I'm abysmal at using joy sticks, so I kept getting stuck and can't keep it going straight - but everyone can control it. Maybe with a little practice, I'd get the hang of it. Here's an early pic. I"ll post more later.

My job is to work with the fabric for the covering and for a skirt to hide the wheels. My own work with assemblage is over - maybe permanently. I have too many fabric and paper ideas. I just want you to know the art gene was passed to two of my sons. One works with rebuilding or chopping apart various kinds of motor vehicles. And this son, constructs odd things for fun. Last year it was the electric chair. It's kind of exciting to watch this new project come to fruition.

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