Friday, October 7, 2011

Mail Call

I've been getting some good cards in the mail the last few days. Some of them are birthday cards. One from Pat has this quote - "I don't drink or do drugs. At my age, I get the same effect standing up fast." LOL Another funny card, from Joanna showing bears standing in front of the front door of a house ready to ring the doorbell. The card says "This is the best thing Herb, you push this button, a bell rings, and out pops a snack." LOL again!

Among the post cards that arrived were cards from Marie in Corte Madera, Norma from Florida, Rosemary from Oakdale, Beth from Scotts Valley, Linda from El Cajon , and Roberta from Suisun. Here are pics. Some of them were collaborations, others are from individuals. I hope you enjoy them. I certainly do. Thanks gals.


  1. Great mail! Lucky you! You also SEND great mail! :)

  2. Hi Janene,
    Wow, great cards!
    Hope you're feeling better and having a nice weekend.