Sunday, April 20, 2014

An unespected visit from the Yucatan

One of our best volunteers at the Lodi Art Center is from the Yucatan.     We call him Pepe.     His mom and wife came for a visit last week, and he brought them to our mixed media meeting so his mom could show us her art work.     Here are pictures of Rose with her Mayan hand painted or stitched pieces.  

 Fortunately our newest member of the group, Netty, was there to translate for us, as Rose does not speak English, and none of us are fluent in Spanish.   Netty had not even met the others in the group before, and when askted to translate, she jumped right up and seemed to fit right into the  program like it was planned.    LOL    Believe me this was not a planned event, but it turned into a magical day.   I wish our visitors could stay longer and be part of our group.        

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