Monday, April 21, 2014

Journal pages

I did some journal page based on ideas in a couple of books, which led to
more ideas to try.   

This first one is ink sketches of artichokes from a Raley's magazine.  A little watercolor pencil, some white pen work, and some distress stains and gesso for background.

 This little owl was painted to cover something on the page I didn't like.     I had the gesso and blue paint out, so that was the start, then the silly little owl just kind of happened.    LOL
 This is a page that was started to try writing with watercolor pencil in background and using a paintbrush full of water to drag over it so it would bleed.  It was too distinct for  my liking, so I added alittle gesso.  Then I used a new stencil I had just cut for the figure on the left, and glued down the tissue paper I used for tracing the face and cutting through it to make the stencil.     I didn't see any reason to throw it away.     I have the heavier paper stencil ready for the next time I want i.
 I cut another stencil the other day for a soman's face.     I see the nose is too long, but it was worth doing.   They eyes are very sad.   I used only burnt carmine and yellow oche paint with a little gesso.      Dots are distress stain,  upper lip is a red pen.   

This last one is another stenci I cut.  A child.   Cutting stencils is making me think about carving some rubber stamps.       Maybe soon.     


  1. I am loving this sneak peek into your journal pages! You know how much I LOVE faces! That unexpected owl is adorable!!!