Sunday, April 20, 2014

What's new?

Well, let's see.  The Annual Spring Show is over at the Woodbridge by Mondavi Winery in Acampo.      We took in art, had the pieces judged, moved them by truck and cars to theWinery, unpacked them, hung them and set up the winery for the show.     It is an awesome experience just being in this space.     The winery is such a supporter of the arts, and doesa great job of moving things around so there is room for an art show amongst the curing wine barrels.   They are stacked on racks and the area is quite cool.    We know this ahead of time so wear layers.  They also put upspace heaters in case it is too cold for us.   I did not see them being used this year as we had a rather unusally warm few days.   

 The first night is the gala.      I was in charge of raffle ticket sales, and my pal Phyllis was in charge of setting up the raffle tables and laying out the display.      A few days before we had helped with filling the baskets with donated items, and inventorying the contents of each one.      Someone else did the wrapping and ribboning.      We had 26 baskets, and 12 pieces of hanging art donated.  I think we made a little over $1600 in ticket sales.      We did the drawing and part of my volunteers staff  (including my grandson Trevor who has helped for the last 6 years in several capacities)  helped record winners and post them so those present could check their ticket numbers.      

This was a good year for ticket sales.     Lots of sales in the 100 -300 dollar levels, and a few in the 6oo and up levels.      All that good hard work paid off.    All volunteers, all exhausted.   It took a couple days to unwind and finish up making calls to winners.  Now the art that was not picked up and the prizes are sitting back at the gallery.  

And now, I can get back to making art again.

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