Sunday, April 20, 2014


For many years, Easter has been a quiet time for me.    Most years the kids travel North to be with inlaws, and I either stay home or some years I went to my brothers.   His is the perfect place for an Easter Sunday get together.   
Large yard, fenced, green and lush.  Perfect for hiding eggs and watching the children having fun.       He and Kris still have young grandchildren and even a great grandchild, which makes the holiday a lot of fun.      I miss having the young ones around.   I'd love to be there today, but my eyes are so bad, it is not safe for me to drive far.     I am going for an eye exam Tuesday and expect to be told I am ready for cataract surgery soon.  This will be a turning point and I will be able to head for the hills again, or even to the beach without finding another driver.     

So today, I will content myself with baking a chicken and veggies, feeding two grown grandsons that will be home off and on during the day, and doing laundry, artwork, and watching a movie.      I had an alternate plan but the breeze is coming up and the pollens are heavy in the air.   Need I say more?    It's going to be a lovely day here in my studio and garden.   My faithful little dogs are tickled pink that I'm here today to put them rough their paces and give them treats. 

I did not send Easter cards this year, but instead used an image from The Graphic Fairy online to make this little card for some friends, which I emailed to them.   Sally is the one who told us all the joke about having ADD and chasing chickens.       The friends I sent this to will get it.    

I hope you have a perfect Easter Day.   

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