Monday, June 23, 2014

Elephants - A new Kick

I was a bit tired of faces so thought I'd paint a few collected images of elephants.     I am one of those that watch the elephant documentaries.  If there was an elephant channel I'd watch it.       If you can follow this string of nearly related people, you come to one of the people that perked my interest in them.     My first husbands' first son by his second wife,  is a half brother to two of my sons - got all that?     Not really important, but he happened to run away to join a circus as a teenager and became an elephant trainer.  (side note, one of my great grandfathers ran away to join a circus! leaving behind a wife and house full of kids.)  Anyhow, to get back to my point.    One year at Christmas my so's half brother came for Christmas at son's house.   He brought a video of his performance and introduction to his elephant.      I never knew anyone who loved an elephant before, but why not?   

These are new paintings in my new art journal.

A few years ago, a group of us visited PAWS,  the elephant reserve in San Andreas, where we got to be up close to these wonderful animals, now in retirement.     You'd be amazed how they capture the love of the volunteers and how they have changed the lives of some of them.    Awesome.       

 Here are a couple of pics from our visit.

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