Tuesday, June 3, 2014

portraits class again

It was a long time between Mondays when the seniors meet to paint together.     John's class has grown each week.  We now have a water colorist painting in her own style.    We were a group of 10 yesterday.  This time I expected we would work on hair, but instead, we had a new assignment.       Do the same face as last time, but this time do two of them, as mirror images.      This is tough.   

I've never been able to think in reverse, so my brain was doing flip flops trying to do this.     I hate that.     So, this is as far as I got.   No one else did much  more than this.    It needs lots of work.     Hmmmm....Shall I continue or do something I like to do instead?     Frankly, I don't see any reason to continue this, as I'm never going to put myself through this particular hoop again.   But, I'll probably paint them, just not thinking about the reverse thing.  

So, I moved on to something close to my heart.     My youngest grandchild  Candis is graduating high school this week and I wanted to make a chock full of her childhood pics kind of book like I made for her brothers when they graduated.     But, had a school assignment that was similar and she's having fun doing it for herself.    So, I decided to paint her portrait.      I took it to show her mom and made a few little changes she suggested, so it's about ready to frame.        

I had purchased one of Robert's paintings to give her, as it also looks a lot like her in a different pose.     She'll get two paintings in stead of one.       Here is how it looks at the moment.    I already see something that needs to change.       I have one more day to go, so I'd better get at it.    

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