Friday, June 13, 2014

Not so Tuff...

Here's the latest portrait I painted in my journal.       This is Tuff, Rosemary and Jerry's little dog/companion.  He is such a sweetheart and a good buddy of my two girls, Nikki and Lulu.       He's also a gentleman.   When he tires of their company, he ignores them equally.    LOL  

He's a very self sufficient little fellow, plays with toys and makes up games to amuse himself.  Like dragging the bathroom mat into the living room, or dragging a sofa pillow around the house.     Or a shoe.      He doesn't chew things up, he just likes to collect them and move them about.        He gets long walks at least twice a day, rain or shine.      He may be a teensie bit spoiled.   I'm not saying.    Shhh..   He likes to greet visitors at the front door, but does not like to be picked up or held.      He also loves being groomed and struts his stuff when he is looking fine. This is his new summer hair cut.    


  1. He's a cute little guy... I think you captured his independence... well. Must have a lot of Lhasa Apso in'em!