Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Another loss

Our mixed media group in Lodi just lost a wonderful friend.   We knew it was coming,, she was fighting bladder cancer that had moved to her bones,  but the finality struck home Sunday morning when she passed.     Suzanne was a phenomenal artist and person.   Direct and honest, she spent much of her working life teaching art for the California Youth Authority (prison).     It takes a special talent to do that.    And she found it very rewarding.     When she retired she joined out group and taught us a few things too.     Like origami, and making paste papers, and twisted wire beads.   You can tell she had a lot of resources and talents.    We will miss her terribly, but glad she no longer has to face days of discomfort and pain.    

I wish I had more pictures to share of the books she made.    And the prayer flags, and the jewelry made with origami.      She could do everything and did them all beautifully.   Wnd she made it all look so casual and easy.    I saw her teach children at the art shows, to do intricate folded things that I can't do.     Yet she could capture their interest and channel their energies into producing something lovely.    A rare talent.    

We will miss you Suzanne.


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