Saturday, December 6, 2014

Annual Holiday get together in Amador City and Sutter Creek

My friends and I have been doing this for years.   Usually there are one or two missing, as other things take precedence, or because of health issues.     There were just 7 of  us this time.     Missing our good friends, but having a grand time anyway.      Some of us started in Sutter Creek at a new restaurant that was recommended by locals.   And for good reason.   It's tiny and clean and the owner runs it all, makes all the foods, serves and is just a really friendly nice person.  visit Cavana's Deli for salads soups, breakfast and desserts.  16 Eureka St. Sutter Creek.

There is a parking lot right behind it which has a footbridge across the stream to the parking lot behind the auditorium.    Most of the year this is a dry stream.  We have had good rains the past week, so it was running again and looking much better.  The bridge was decorated for the season.  I thought the rusty railing and  the landscape behind made a beautiful sight.     Here are pics.

 We have not had a hard frost yet, so there are still leaves on the trees with plenty of color.    I think this would make a good painting.   i wish we had some sun or blue skies for a background.      Paints can take care of that.    LOL

We left Sutter Creek and went on to Amador City just a few miles North.     It's one of those little lazy foothill towns, left behind by the gold miners in the late 1800s.   Now a tourist town.     Decades ago I had a shop there.    Our friend Sandy still has a ahop there you can see it on her facebook page.

We visited for awhile then went next door to Buffalo Chips our favorite luncheon place.     Another family owned business, now operated by the younger generation, but keeping the same type menu and prices, and fresh cooked to order foods.    They are famous for their home made pies.  It was hard to decide between the apricot and the  tart dark cherry.      Phyllis and I split a hamburger and a piece of the dark cherry pie.      Yummm..... the tiny touch of almond extract helps bring out the flavor so well.

I had a post card in my purse which I had forgotten to mail to o ne of the CA Art Girls - so we walked down to the tiny little Post Office.  There are no lines in Amador City.      I also stocked up on  Post Card postage stamps.   Now I can get busy making and sending some card to friends again.     Then we visited some nearby shops  (be sure to visit Bellflower Home and Garden Store, 10787 Water Street, Amador City) .  It's chock full of wonderful things that would look great in my garden.    I have to laugh when I look at the address.    Water Street is something like 2 blocks long.   How the heck did they get an address of 10787?     I would have given it a number like 17.  

Then we piled back into the cars and returned to Sutter Creek for more wandering/shopping.   

We were not much help to the economy, no one really came away with much.      Sorry, I know they need the business but we are all at the stage of life when we no longer collect much, instead we are giving it away.  Both towns were so quiet, we practically had them to ourselves.

Here are the girls at lunch.   I'm sure we'll be back again next year.

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