Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Work in progress

I've got the type glued onto the background now.  Thinking it would look better with a  big crow on the left side facing the impact site,  I drew one, cut a stencil and painted it in navy blue diluted to a glaze.     Ruined the whole thing.   Now what?    the background was painted probably 15 years ago, covering a huge pig sitting by a watermelon that I'd done for my Dad.  It hung in his favorite sitting room until he was bored with it, when I brought it home and repainted it.    My point is, the painted background was old, and I didn't hink I could match the paints, so decided to mix trial runs until I could get it close enough.  I really did not want to repaint the entire background now that the road and the text is already there.     I could not get the color match I wanted, so decided on one of my whims to paint a sort of primitive landscape to show the countryside the road is passing through.      Here is how it looks now.

 The color doesn't look at all like the real painting, I took the pic in a room with bright sunlight coming through red and white checked curtains.    

In a way I'm thinking it might be better to leave the background dullish, because it's the words that are important.       But, it needs to be interesting enough for people to walk up and read them.
 I upped the contrast in Photoshop elements to see if that looked better.
 then I increased the saturation for comparison.  Jmmm...
then I went a bit wild and really upped the saturation and tweaked the color.    Typically the art hung at the Mexican Heritage Center is colorful and bright.   Maybe I should punch it up.    Hmmmm..... 

Hmm.    I'll look at it again tomorrow when the light is better and see if I want to make changes.

I can see that road going off into the sky is not good placement.    do I really want to take time to change that?     Hmmm..     this is a process.    As you can see.     I'll show more steps and views tomorrow.   

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