Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Storm of the Century due here tomorrow.

How scary is that?      I'm quivering in my boots.    Since I live upstairs, I get buffeted pretty hard with high winds, and they are expected to be in the 20 -35 mph range with gusts up to 60????   60?    I've never been here with winds like that.   Normally I like wind.    It's exhilarating.  This time it's just plain scary.    We are also expecting several inches of rain.     I hope the gutters can take  the run off this year.      I might take doggies and go downstairs with the kids.     I doubt anyone will be home however, with the odd work schedules they have.       I'll be worried about Matt on the highway in a big truck.     He says it's much worse when he returns an empty, so I'll hope he has a heavy load.       My neighbor was looking nervously at the big street tree out front.  Says he will have the longest reaching branches removed next time we have it trimmed.    One overhangs the front of my house and two overhang my driveway.     His car is also in danger.     

Let's see if I'm ready.  I have batteries.  Water.   all electronics fully charged.    Flashlights.   Food.    Yep? 
I wish we had the house reroofed this year, I expect we will have some shingles torn off.      I'll let you know later.