Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Here an owl, there an owl....

Okay, for the moment I'm owl obsessed - but dont' feel like you have to send me one.   Honestly these things do pass....

I made these little primitive owls as ornaments that can later be used as pin cushions or cat toys.      I now have a cookie tin full of the little owlets. Some of them have wings, some don't.     They are too young to leave the nest so it really doesn't matter.

I used an old cutter quilt, an old red plaid flannel nightgown and a scrap of upholstery fabric sent by a friend.    


  1. They are very cute all clustered in their tin nest!

  2. Janene, they have inspired Jenna to try her hand at one or several!!!

  3. I hope she enjoys making them. I did. Janene