Monday, September 14, 2015

Feeling like felting

I need to carry supplies to the senior centers for art days, Monday mornings at Oak Park, and Wednesdays at Arnold Rue Center.      Some of the artists that paint in oils carry all kinds of stuff with them, at least a big cart and wet canvases.    Smelly wet stuff.      I am just to lazy to cart things, so I either take my sketch book, an art journal, or m ore recently I've  been carrying my little tote with my fibers, needles and foam.  That's all it requires.    I feel like felting.   

This piece I started quite a while ago, in fact it's the first felted landscape I tried.   I planned to enter it in the "itty bitty artworks" show in Nov.      But, I didn't know they would set the size at 3 x 3 max.   This measures 3 x 4 inches.     Just oversize.   It can go in the small works show, but I want to enter the seascape in that one.  Small works can be up to 8 x 10 or 6 x 12.    I'm well under the size limits.    They do not count the framing.   

Here is the first seascape I did.      I started with the clouds drifing off horizontally and it just didn't look good, so I picked it out fiber by fiber and changes them to radiate out at angles as in a photo I took years ago at the beach.   

The last photo is the one I'm working on presently.  It is sitting on the foam block I use to punch into with the long needles.    People are always popping in and out of the art room to see what we are doing.   No one has ever seen anyone felt before, so it's a treat to be able to show them and let them try it.     I should prepare a little handout to tell them where they can get supplies, because I think some of them would really enjoy this art activity. 

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  1. The 3 x 4 landscape is so sweet. have you tried matting it at 3 x 3? It might work...continuing out of the viewer's plane....