Monday, September 21, 2015

KVIE Art Auction

This past weekend was the annual KVIE Arrt Auction.     Artists donate their art for the auction and the sales go to the public television channel.  It's a good cause.    Lodi Art Center had about 20 minutes to present the works of 6 of our artists whose works had been accepted for the auction.   My friend Jean was one of them.     We had a little get together at her house to watch.   Here is Jean next to her Yupo watercolor of koi.     

She received a phone call from them in the evening.  They told her it sold for well over her estimated price.    Win, win.       Made everyone happy.      

Jean is my sitting partner at the gallery now.     She is 84 and very active.     Teaches one community class Thursday afternoons. plus one class for the University senior program once a week. as well as showing her art in most local shows.      she is one of the people that just blossomed in her senior years when she had more time to devote to her loves of painting and teaching.      

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  1. oh that is fabulous for both of them! wow. I just realized in reading this that after all these years of being asked by our local PBS station (because I'm in the art association) I will now HAVE a painting to donate!