Monday, September 21, 2015


I received my new order of dyed wool roving.       While sitting at the gallery yesterday with Jean, I worked on adding some of the new colors onto the felted piece.       I have much better greens to work with, certainly moe like the tree colors I know, kind of olive greens.      Then the purple had to be worked into the hilside for an extra punch of color.     Here's the way it looks this morning.    Maybe by evening it will change.  

My friend  Vivian and I were talking about the wook, and it occured to me that it's title might be........ "A Roving".   

The second photo is what it looks like on the back when I peel it off the dense foam.    I actually like it a lot.  Not all of the colors have come through yet, but more will as it progresses.     The amount of wool that comes through is so much thicket than with the old green foam pad I used to use.     

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  1. both sides are pretty in their own way. I miss felting! I really like the punch of purple in the mountains, and of course the title....