Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mixed Media Group in Sacramento

I'm a long time member of the group that used to meet once a month in Sacramento, and for many years I was the online group mom. More and more of us have stopped attending regularly, and in fact only a couple people show up now, and then. So, today I posted to the group that we could change and meet a couple times a year and also have online meetings where we can share our art and our ideas. A couple of people have checked in so far today. One does not like the idea of online meetings, it doesn't work for her. But, someone else did chime in and shared what she's been up to this week. Cool. We will try to meet online today between 1 and three and see who shows up. I didn't think this up or post it until a few hours ago, so no one got much notice. But, it could be a starting point. I hate to lose track of the wonderful gals I met there. I always came away from meeting excited, invigorated, and inspired. Awesome gals, and awesome work. Many have become good friends and we meet regularly at other venues. But, there are so many others that have come such a long way in their art journey - I really want to keep up with what they are doing. And encourage them. We'll see how it goes. ** follow up** It's 3:30 now and only a few of the gals checked into the online meeting. I didn't give them any warning ahead of time, so it's encouraging to know there were that many people online at the right time by accident. I guess it's worth another try next month when people know it's coming and can upload photos of what they have been doing.

The Lodi group was based on the model of the Sac group. And it is a good solid group of like minded, fun gals who like and maybe even need a group in which they can feel at home and share and grow. It's wonderful to be among such an enthusiastic group.

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  1. Love all the cards with the photos of the ladies.
    What a lovely group.