Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Something a little different - for me

Now and then I get post cards from Linda Giese on which she usually incorporates her word ribbons. Awhile back I got a card from Barbara Schwartz. She had used a similar technique. this is something I've admired on other people's works but had never tried before. I've got a cold and am a bit bored, so thought I'd try something different to perk me up. I created 4 post cards with this technique. I used the backs of some post cards I ordered free (I paid only for shipping) from www.vistaprint.com

It was kind of fun to place my order, and to manipulate the fonts, the sizes, the placement, etc. The web site is pretty user friendly, although they do try to get you to order more of their products. You have a chance to review and edit your order several times - so that makes it more comfortable. They have fast delivery and I'm impressed with the quality of the products I've seen. I also got my free business cards there.

The colors I used on the post cards were Golden's Fluid acrylics applied with a grocery bag pressed down on paint smoothed out on an old sandwich bag. It picked up lovely textures.

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