Monday, September 5, 2011

New carved stamps

This man's head is carved on two erasers. That's the only size surface I had handy to carve on, so decided to give it a try and see if I could line it up and get a decent image. I also played with the shading on the man's face and neck. I'm crazy about his nose. Best nose I've done so far.
The profile is based on a Charles Dana Gibson illustration. He's the one that did those beautiful Gibson Girl magazine illustrations. The original man depicted by Gibson is dashing and young. When I carved him - well he's aged a lot and looks like he's lived a lot more.

If you have time and like images of people, I recommend checking out a book of his work at the library. Or look online. The pen and ink faces are so interesting. Not only the key women in them, but all the supporting characters. I think he was brilliant.

The second one was done on a larger eraser, one from the Dollar Tree. It is much easier to carve on it, as there are no bubbles so the knife moves more smoothly. I didn't like her hair or face outline so I removed them and left only the features.

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