Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Too much going on around here. I mailed out about 50 post cards yesterday and a dozen last Saturday. I forgot to take pics or scan them. Oh well. Whoever gets them won't care. I even sent a couple to more than one person. I had been out of stamps so set things aside. Now, I'm caught up with sending. That's always a good thing.

This week at our Lodi mixed media group we will be playing with color. We are each bringing little water color student trays, the Prang ones. A brush, w/c paper and a bottle of water and container for washing our brushes. Two of our members are trained art therapists, and this time it is Marilyn who will be demonstrating and leading our group exercise. Should be a fun time, as mixing colors can be daunting for new artists. And we old ones like refresher courses - we always come away with some new insight or tip.

In my spare moments, I've been finishing up the altered book, Power and Man - and carving more stamps. I did a couple this morning when I was sitting the gallery. It's never busy in the mornings so I always have time to do something of my own. Today I got a taste of the state of the nation - or at least Lodi. I got two phone calls, both from desperate people who needed to apply for assistance or food stamps - anything. Wrong numbers of course, but we keep the appropriate number handy as this happens a lot. It's so sad. More people want assistance than want art......

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  1. Hi Janene,

    So happy to hear you are keeping busy! Hope you have fun at your Lodi group. Don't forget to show us what you work on. :)
    Did you get my card? The one you sent to work on. You should have received it by now. :(
    Today I received your bird one....Love it!
    Thanks and hugs