Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day three of 30 day challenge

This third day  my figure is more confident and already to move on.  I had a good meeting with art pals in Lodi today at the gallery and then went to visit my friend Bobbi.    She liked this one best, so I'll paint a larger version of it for her in her fav colors.      Again this is from a smaller sketch I'd done earlier in another journal.    That's kind of a good use of a journal to test out ideas and images.    You might be able to use them later.    

One of the hardest parts of a 30 day challenge is to think up a daily subject.     I'm painting ahead a bit so when I'm out of town in a few days, I won't fall behind.     I have already sketched in four more pages and hopefully tomorrow I can have some painting time.      

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