Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Still sketching

Sketching is such a relaxing pastime.    These first two are in the big art journal I started for January.    

I did a self portrait this week, graphed it out to get the proportions right and eyes in line.       This is from a photo I took a week ago when I had a pink streak in my hair.      Thanks to Granddaughter Candis.        

While digging through family photos I came across a portrait done of me at the age of 17.     Senior Class Photo.       Thought I'd sketch it as well.       The photo had my mouth open with teeth showing.    I didn't like my clumsy attemt at drawing an open mouth, so I erased it and drew it closed.    Even though I had blocked it same as the one before, I didn't get the eyes right.   Maybe I should measure them   It looks a lot like my granddaughter.

Here are a couple of the artists portraits from their own self portrait paintings.  
 The first one is Giovanni de san Giovanni, 1616.
The last one is Hendrick Goltzius, 1600.   All were done with a common #2 pencil.      

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