Saturday, January 25, 2014

The saga continues. The blue eyed cowboy.

Looking for a quick subject to paint, the fickle finger of fate pointed to the blue eyed cowboy I had drawn in my sketchbook.     
Late yesterday evening with poor lighting and tired eyes, here is what he turned into in a larger journal.
This morning I decided to try a new palette and use blue for shading instead of green.      So, I started all over again.

I'll probably attach this poor cowboy a few more times, because I like the sketch much better than the paintings.   Maybe they will get better.    LOL


  1. The sketch is indeed a winner. Probably done intuitively in one-tenth the time you have spent with the paintings. You may be over thinking the painting part of it. Have you considered printing out a copy of the sketch, placing carbon paper underneath and transferring it to a canvas? It won't be exactly a copy but you might get a head start on the painting that way.
    The sketch is definitely worth revisiting many times. He's quite a handsome fella. I admire your tenacity!

  2. Diane thanks for your thoughtful comments. I'm not going for realism, thank goodness. I've sketched a few more faces in the big journal now, from the smaller one with previous sketches. I like the new sketches better than the more careful ones. Knowing I'd be painting over them let me ignore details. I'll probably revisit the blue eyed cowboy a few more times in the future.