Saturday, January 25, 2014

When life give you a lemon....

grab your sketchbook and draw them.           I found the Strathmore Toned Sketch paper pads at Michaels yesterday and bought one with tan pages, and one with grey.   I had been watching Aaron Bros to pick one up, but they still don't carry them.      May I stop here a  moment and grouse about our local Aaron Bros?     One clerk for the entire store.     12 customers waiting, wandering, wasting time while he works on a framing order.     Grrrr.....     Some of us put down the things we would have purchased and left the store.       I feel sort of compasionate towards the clerk, there is only so much he can do with one set of hands and eyes.     But, this happens so often at Aaron Bros, management is to blame.     Or the corporate level who determines staffing needs and budgets.       Grrrr......

Okay, I feel better now.  

Here are the lemons.    

The lemonade part of this post is that if Aaron Bros had been on their toes, they would have made more sales, but then I would not have gone to Michaels, and would not have found the new sketchbooks.     Sorry the color didn't show of the tan page.    Looks purple on my screen.        

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