Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Giving up the ghost

Recently I've had very good sales of my small keepsakes at the gallery and they have run out, so I needed to turn my attention to producing more inventory.  At first I was just using things from a previous art show that I didn't take part in.     Now, I had to start again.    A lucky find in my oh so cluttered studio made it easier.     I thought a box that was marked slide mailers was full of ones that had not been touched, but instead I found I had started a stack of them, then boxed them up unfinished.      So, I have set aside the 30 day painting challenge in order to restock the gallery.    I'm still fighting a cold and this is keeping me inside and warm.      Here are a few little keepsakes I've finished.   

The little wire wrap hearts are such fun, keeping my fingers busy.  They make delightful little gifts.

 I don't really feel bad about giving up on the 30 day painting challenge.      I paint better in the studio.     Sometimes I can paint in the solarium, but painting in the house does not feel right.      That zone we get into when we paint is something I didn't seem able to reach inside.   Perhaps there are too many distractions.   Whatever it is, when the studio is open for work again after a good spring clean up and toss out, I look forward to the painting days ahead.  

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